River City Girls: How to Beat Yamada (2024)

River City Girls is a new Beat-Em-Up adventure from Wayforward and Arc System Works. It serves as an homage/sequel to the classic brawler arcade game River City Ransom. Anyone who knows Wayforward’s reputation from cult classics like Shantae or Arc System Works’ hits like Dragon Ball FighterZ will be correct when they expect that River City Girls has fun combat, great animation, and a killer soundtrack.

River City Girls feels like a proper new spin on an old formula. Very at home on theNintendo Switch,River City Girls provides a fun co-op experience that works well in a portable medium.

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River City Girls is an honest homage to old arcade beat-em-ups, which means that it is hard. Players will often die gettingfrom point A to point B, and bosses are extremely tough. One such boss is Yamada, a magic-wielding miscreant who players will encounter as the second major boss of the game.

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The Setup

Through conversation with several NPCs, the player learns that Yamada is likely the “creepy guy” who the protagonists’ boyfriends Riki and Kunio were talking to before they got kidnapped. Yamada is a practitioner of the “Dark Arts” and can be found in a construction zone after players unlock access to the Mall.

Once at the construction zone, players will follow a relatively linear path with a few small-fry enemies up to an elevator. After taking the elevator up, players will encounter Yamada in his boss arena. The arena is a secluded rooftop where Yamada sulks about his lost childhood sweetheart.

The Fight

Those who prefer games that feature fast-paced action, like Astral Chain, will feel right at home with River City Girls. In this game, jumping into the fray and dishing out damage is the key to success. However, Yamada is also quick and throws out many varied attacks.

Yamada has three phases. During the first phase, he has just one high-damage melee combo. If he is knocked down during this phase, he will teleport away and unleash a horizontal blast of magic, which knocks players back and deals heavy damage. During the second phase, at 2/3 health, Yamada will begin mixing up his pattern by levitating objects and spinning them in circles. Being hit by this detritus will damage players. He can also summon blocks of concrete to sandwich players, stunning them and dealing damage. Lastly, in the third phase at 1/3 health, Yamada will cause the screen to go dark, obscuring the players’ vision of the environment. While the screen is black, he will follow players, sending out a path of purple magic that, when touched, causes damage. He will also ramp up his levitation attacks and concrete-slab smashes.

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The Strategy

Players who have experience with classic River City games or are familiar withArc System Works' previous attempt at a River Cityrefresh, Double Dragon 4, may find this fight fairly simple. However, new players may need to adopt some clever strategy to win.

In general, Yamada attacks horizontally. Many of his attacks, including the concrete slabs, magic blast, and magic trail, can be avoided by dashing either up or down. When Yamada levitates spinning objects into the air, the object that appears right above Yamada is always an apple that will recover a little heath. After that, moving in close to Yamada will avoid the other objects as they spin around, giving players the opportunity to lay into him with everything they have. Players will also have to look out for the edges of the boss arena, because it is possible to walk off the edge of the building, causing significant damage.

This danger, however, is also one of the best tools that players have available for beating Yamada. Yamada can also be knocked off the edge, dealing a large chunk of damage to his health bar. Kiting Yamada near to the edge, then hitting him with a combo or a move that causes a lot of knockback is a great way to bring his health down quickly.

Another way to deal some extra damage is to stomp on Yamada when he is down. Standing above him while he lies on the ground and tapping the heavy attack button will cause the player’s character to stomp on him. After Yamada is knocked down for a while he will teleport and do his magic blast attack, forcing players to dodge.

Lastly, consumable items can be the key to victory. This fight may seem too difficult, but players should expect a certain level of challenge from the makers of one of the best fighting games out there. Most players will take a lot of damage in this fight. Buying some food items in the mall beforehand can be very useful. Dying causes the player to lose half of their money, so spending on healing items before a boss fight is usually a good idea.

There are many more boss fights to overcome and hidden areas to explore, so players will find themselves coming back for more. Players should also keep an eye out fornew Arc System Works fighting games coming out soon, especially if River City Girls is satisfying.

River City Girls is available now on Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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River City Girls: How to Beat Yamada (2024)


How do you beat Yamada in River City Girls? ›

Yamada can also be knocked off the edge, dealing a large chunk of damage to his health bar. Kiting Yamada near to the edge, then hitting him with a combo or a move that causes a lot of knockback is a great way to bring his health down quickly. Another way to deal some extra damage is to stomp on Yamada when he is down.

How do you unlock the secret ending in River City Girls? ›

To unlock the secret boss fight you need two items, the Hasabe Charm and the Mami Charm. The Hasabe Charm is unlocked after beating Sabuko when you finish the game, the Mami Charm is unlocked after you destroy all 25 statues. Once you have both items, equip them, and return to the room where you fought Sabuko.

What is the highest level in River City Girls? ›

Getting 100% Completion

Beat the Game. Beat the Game on New Game+. Complete all Quests including optional Side-Quests. Get all six Characters to Level 30.

How old is Kyoko River City? ›

The Student ID Card showcased in a limited physical release for River City Girls reveals that she is in her Senior year (18 years old).

How do you beat Melanie? ›

The trick is to roll straight at Melania, passing under her as she starts swinging. Wait until the moment she lunges to roll under her, and you will avoid the first part of the attack. However, there are two follow-up lunges, and you will need to roll past her during these too.

Is River City Girls 2 easier? ›

What's more, River City Girls 2 makes stringing together combos much easier. In the first R.C.G. bouncing opponents off walls and juggling them was possible, but took a fair amount of skill just to set up, much less execute.

Who is Misako's boyfriend in River City Girls? ›

Misako appears as a playable character and is the girlfriend of Kunio. Misako bringing up Kyōko and the state of his school to Riki.

Is River City Girls fun solo? ›

If you play solo like I did both originally and now, the game feels too tedious with enemies having what feels like inflated health pools. After unlocking and upgrading a bit, things become a lot more fun, but it is still challenging even on normal difficulty.

Is River City Girls hard? ›

There are three set difficulty levels in the game including Normal, Tough, and Nightmare. Normal is technically the easiest setting but it's still going to be challenging if players go at it alone.

Is River City Girls for kids? ›

The game contains some suggestive innuendo/material in the dialogue (e.g., “They want a woman with meat on her bones. And I got all the meat”; “Didn't you get kicked out of your school for taking secret photos of the girls' volleyball team”; “Have you guys seen Kunio and Riki? / Just like, every day...

How do you beat the final boss in Pico's school? ›

To defeat her, concentrate your fire on the "purple thing" (if you know what I mean) between her legs after shooting her in the eyes, while keeping your eyes open for her other big attacks, repeating the process until you bring her down and save the day. The ending takes place six months after Pico defeats Cassandra.

How do you beat the second daughter village? ›

Fighting The Second Daughter

In the room up the stairs immediately run to the far right corner of the room and grab the pipe bombs. Then head to the opposite side of the room and move the wooden shelf. Destroy the crack in the wall with a pipe bomb to let the cold air in and make the daughter vulnerable.

How do you beat Katsuro Akane? ›

Damage him when he finished a slash or detrimental dash and squats down. Then he will start flickering, attack him to kill.

How do you beat the girl in the water inside? ›

Run to the left of the platform and jump into the water there to lure the creature towards the protagonist. Then, get back on the platform, dive through the hatch on the right and press the red button while swimming by it, in order to close the gate behind the protagonist.

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