Ruby Soho: Age, Height, Relationship Status & Other Things You Didn't Know About Her (2024)

Ruby Soho immediately made an impact when debuting at All Out 2021 to become the number one contender to the AEW Women's Championship following her victory in the Casino Battle Royale, and after a period of time working for WWE, fans can now expect to see her thrive.


There is plenty to know about AEW's Serena Deeb and her life, both in the ring and out of it.

Ruby has actually had quite a long and successful career to this point, but there is a lot that fans still do not know about her. Whether this is because WWE didn't push Ruby as much, or that she just hasn't been on people's radar, Ruby is an interesting woman and a fantastic wrestler that every wrestling fan should be aware of.


Ruby Soho truly has had an up and down career in professional wrestling. While WWE never truly utilized her well, her AEW run has also had some hiccups. She was a part of The Outcasts, a faction that did not help her excel to a top position. However, she has broken away from them and is now involved in a love story with Angelo Parker. The two are actually together in real life, as Soho recently revealed that she was pregnant, and that Parker was the father. What else do AEW fans need to know about Ruby Soho?

Her Old Ring Name Was Heidi Lovelace

She Wrestled In Shine Wrestling And ROH

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  • She began training in 2010.
  • Soho wrestled for ROH in 2015 before being signed to WWE.
  • She also wrestled for All American Wrestling, Channel Islands World Wrestling, and Alpha-1 Wrestling.

Soho rose to prominence before ever going to NXT, making a name for herself on the independent circuit as one of the more popular female wrestlers. She established herself as Heidi Lovelace before becoming Ruby Riott in WWE. It was a striking and recognizable ring name, which set her apart from other generic names.

The inspiration for this came quite simply from hearing the name said out loud on TV, and it being made clear to Soho that not many people in wrestling had the name Heidi, so she took it as her own in order to set herself apart. She coupled this with the surname ‘Lovelace’, which was inspired by the first prominent female mathematician in history, Augusta Ada King, who was known as ‘The Countess of Lovelace’. Knowing this adds a lot more prestige to her ring name, and whilst there is nothing wrong Ruby Soho, Heidi Lovelace was also a great title to have.


Some of these poorly booked WWE wrestlers left the promotion and became stars on the indie scene, while others continued struggling.

She Was In A Tag Team With An NXT Star On The Indies

She Held Gold With Dakota Kai

Ruby Soho: Age, Height, Relationship Status & Other Things You Didn't Know About Her (4)
  • Soho and Kai competed in Shimmer together.
  • They were the 10th team to hold the Shimmer Tag Team Titles.
  • They had three successful defenses during their reign.

Speaking of Soho's career on the independent scene, she achieved a lot of success in a tag team with Dakota Kai. Back then, they competed in Shimmer as the tag team known as Team Slap Happy. They also found a lot of success together. They were the 10th team to ever hold the Shimmer Tag Team Championships in 2016. They had a solid reign at 140 days.

She Is Close Friends With Eddie Kingston

They Have Been Friends For Years

Ruby Soho: Age, Height, Relationship Status & Other Things You Didn't Know About Her (5)
  • Kingston has been with AEW since 2020.
  • Kingston and Soho have been allies on AEW television.
  • She is an important person in Kingston's life.

Eddie Kingston has never been one to shy away from what he feels. He has been very open about his mental health and the importance of having a strong support system. Someone who is very close with Kingston is Soho. The two have been friends for years and their friendship means a lot to each other. Kingston told Bleacher Report that she, in addition to Jon Moxley and Ortiz, is a key person in his life. He said of her,

"Ruby's been around, We've been friends for many, many years, and I feel bad for her sometimes. But she's been around and she's always had my back.

Has A Louis Armstrong-Inspired Tattoo

It Was Her First Ever Tattoo

  • Soho's Louis Armstrong tattoo is a tribute to her father.
  • The tattoo is music notes from "What a Wonderful World."
  • Armstrong released the song in 1967 through the label, ABC.

Soho is covered from head to toe in tattoos, but her very first one wasn’t what many would expect. Her first tattoo was of music notes taken from the famous song, ‘What a Wonderful World’, by Louis Armstrong, which is far and away from the music taste that many assume that she has, with her very obvious connections to punk rock.

The tattoo was to pay tribute to her father, who would sing the song to her every night as a child, which is a hugely emotional and heart-warming story, one which adds so much meaning to her ink.

She Is A Private Person But Has Opened Up About Mental Health

Soho Is An Advocate For Mental Health

Ruby Soho: Age, Height, Relationship Status & Other Things You Didn't Know About Her (6)
  • Mental health discussions have become more and more open in society.
  • Soho has been very open about mental health.
  • She has had ADHD and anxiety throughout her life.

For many years, mental health has been a taboo topic in the entire world, and that includes within the professional wrestling industry. More and more, however, wrestlers and fans alike are opening up about their issues, which has been something that has helped many people from performers to the audience.

Soho is a very private individual, managing to keep her personal life away from wrestling – something which is difficult to do, but accomplished by some. She has opened up and revealed details of her struggles with mental health, having ADHD and anxiety throughout her life.

She Is 33 Years Old

Soho Was Born On January 9, 1991

Ruby Soho: Age, Height, Relationship Status & Other Things You Didn't Know About Her (7)
  • Soho has been wrestling for over a decade.
  • She has won multiple championships over her career.
  • She has won titles in OVW, AIW, and Shimmer.

Ruby Soho might have wrestled for a long time now, but she is still only 33 years old with her birthday coming on January 9th, 1991. This is fantastic news for AEW fans because it means that Ruby is truly in the prime of her career right now and still has an awful lot to provide to the industry.

The company is likely going to be able to use her for a long time, and she could easily work at the top level for a minimum of 10 years if that is something she's interested in doing, with multiple championships now up for grabs for the women in AEW.

Her Wrestling Career Began In 2010

Debuted Wrestling On Independent Scene

Ruby Soho: Age, Height, Relationship Status & Other Things You Didn't Know About Her (8)
  • Soho has faced numerous big names in her career.
  • She has faced Dr. Britt Baker, D.M.D., Hikaru Shida, and Jade Cargill in AEW.
  • Soho has competed for numerous independent promotions.

At this point in time, Ruby Soho has almost 15 years worth of experience under her belt when it comes to performing in front of live crowds. That is something that she can be incredibly proud of, as many wrestlers don't manage to stick around for that long.

However, anybody who has only just heard of her or only knew of Ruby from WWE will likely be unaware that she has actually been around for that long, putting together amazing moments for the industry in companies such as Stardom and Shimmer.

She's 5 Feet 4 Inches Tall

She Is A Great In-Ring Talent

  • Soho is a very well-rounded wrestler.
  • Her finishing move is No Future.
  • She is not the tallest wrestler on the AEW roster.

When it comes to height, Ruby Soho isn't one of the tallest women's wrestlers around, with plenty of people having an advantage over her in that regard. However, it hasn't stopped her from having a fantastic career to this point.

Ruby's well-rounded in-ring style means that she can truly go toe to toe with anybody, even if they are much taller, considering she's so physical. Ruby is happy to take the fight to them and that only makes her even more exciting to watch as a talent. In AEW, she has had great matches against competitors of all shapes and sizes, showcasing her versatility as a performer, regardless of her height.

She Worked In Japan

Wrestled For World Wonder Ring Stardom

Ruby Soho: Age, Height, Relationship Status & Other Things You Didn't Know About Her (9)
  • Soho made her debut in Japan in 2015.
  • She was a member of Oedo Tai.
  • Soho was a heel in World Wonder Ring Stardom.

One of the reasons why Ruby Soho has such an aggressive in-ring style could be down to the fact she spent a portion of her career working in Japan. The style of wrestling in that country is known for being stiff and hard-hitting, which is something she clearly picked up.


10 Most Visually Striking Japanese Wrestlers Ever

These Japanese wrestlers had amazing looks that made them that much more memorable!

Ruby spent time working for World Wonder Ring Stardom in 2015 which was a big experience for her as a talent. While she wasn't around in Japan for too long, due to her signing with WWE, it is an opportunity that has clearly done her good, with it being valuable experience.

Soho Is Inspired By Punk Band Rancid

Makes For A Unique Aesthetic

Ruby Soho: Age, Height, Relationship Status & Other Things You Didn't Know About Her (11)
  • Soho is a big fan of Rancid.
  • It is a fitting song for her.
  • It helps in making Soho feel like a big star.

Right now, Ruby Soho is making her in-ring entrance to the song of the same name by Rancid, which must mean a great deal to her, and provide memorable moment after memorable moment. Ruby is a well-known fan of the band, and it was actually that track that inspired her to take on Ruby as a name for wrestling.

The fact she now uses this music as her entrance theme for AEW is obviously very fitting. The song also provides a perfect atmosphere for the entrance to take place, bringing a lot of energy to the arena, helping to make Soho seem like an even bigger star.

Rancid Reached Out To Her

"Ruby Soho" Is A Song By Rancid

  • Rancid is a punk rock band.
  • They have been active since 1991 and have released 10 albums.
  • The band reached out to Soho personally.

Even though AEW has got plenty of licensed music from famous bands for different wrestlers, it isn't always easy to secure music like this. That is why Bryan Danielson doesn't use "The Final Countdown" as it costs too much money.

However, when it came to securing Rancid's popular song, the band actually reached out to Ruby Soho herself. The band spoke with her following the WWE release and sorted out using the song as the lead singer is a big wrestling fan. She was instantly recognisable upon her AEW debut with this music.

She Raised Money For Charity With Ethan Page

This Stemmed From A Rivalry On Page's YouTube Channel

  • Page and Soho have been friends for years.
  • Page has been wrestling for AEW since 2021.
  • Soho has also wrestled for Page's Alpha-1 Wrestling.

In 2021, Ethan Page and Soho engaged in a humerous rivalry over which convenience store was the best. Page adovcated for Buc-ee's, whereas Soho was advocating for Sheetz. This took place on Page's YouTube channel, which led to the two having t-shirts sold online where whoever sold the most would win and would have to go to the other's favorite store. In addition, Page and Soho also used this as an opportunity to raise money for charity. In the end, Page won and Soho also had to dress up at the Buc-ee's beaver.

She Is Going To Be A Mother

Soho Is Dating Angelo Parker

  • Soho has been very private about her life prior.
  • She announced her pregnancy after the 4/17/2024 edition of Dynamite.
  • The couple began dating in late 2023.

For a long time, Soho kept her private life to herself. However, at a recent set of AEW tapings, that all changed. Soho announced to the world and her boyfriend, AEW's Angelo Parker, that she is pregnant. It was a tremendous moment that she announced to an Indiana crowd, which is where she is originally from. For months, Soho and Parker have been seen as an on-screen couple together in a feud with Saraya.

She Was A Rock Climbing Instructor

A Fan Becomes A Teacher

Ruby Soho: Age, Height, Relationship Status & Other Things You Didn't Know About Her (12)
  • Soho had this job prior to becoming a professional wrestler.
  • She developed her skills by climbing rocks.
  • She made her independent debut in 2011.

Every wrestler has to do some form of work prior to being a full-time in-ring talent unless they're lucky enough to be put straight into a top job within the industry. Ruby Soho had a job prior to being a wrestler, and interestingly enough, that was as a rock climbing instructor.

This is an incredibly tough skill to be able to master, but it's something that Ruby is able to do. Because she knew how to climb rocks, she took on the role of an instructor to others in order to help them develop their own skills.

Why Her WWE Name Was Ruby Riott

Her Original Name Caused Copyright Issues

Ruby Soho: Age, Height, Relationship Status & Other Things You Didn't Know About Her (13)
  • Her former WWE name was Ruby Riott.
  • WWE added the extra 't' to avoid being sued.
  • She used the name from 2016-2021.

When Ruby Soho first joined WWE, she was known as Ruby Riot in NXT. However, when she was moved to the main roster her name changed slightly, being given an extra T to become Ruby Riott. It seemed like an odd change, but there was a specific reason for it.


Ruby Soho's Career Told In Photos, Through The Years

A unique professional wrestler who has yet to hit her ceiling, Ruby Soho has had quite a career so far.

The addition of an extra letter was done because there is an actual series of books where the main character uses the name Ruby Riot. Due to copyright, WWE had to switch things up and because of that, she was given the name change. WWE has a history of changing ring names of their wrestlers, but this one actually makes sense.

She Has Riott Squad Tattoos

An Homage To Her WWE Faction

Ruby Soho: Age, Height, Relationship Status & Other Things You Didn't Know About Her (15)
  • The Riott Sqaud formed in 2017 on an episode on SmackDown.
  • It featured Soho, Liv Morgan, and Valhalla (formerly Sarah Logan).
  • WWE never fully utilized the trio.

The Riott Squad may no longer be together, but the three women created a true bond for life. They became great friends within this faction, so much so that they all got matching ink.

All of them have it in a different place on their bodies, but the tattoos themselves are matching. They're simple but effective, just being the date that the group first debuted together, showcasing how much it means to them. Unfortunately, WWE misused the trio, but their friendship was likely worth any and all the poor booking.

Ruby Soho: Age, Height, Relationship Status & Other Things You Didn't Know About Her (2024)
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