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>> number seven pride month starts tomorrow. and to celebrate the san francisco lgbt center is hosting a new purple pride block. party starts at ten this morning. it goes till 4 p.m. on market street. i love a good day party. >> you know what? it's pride month and you can't tell me nothing. sorry, everybody. >> george: good morning america for our viewers in the west. donald trump now a convicted felon. guilty as charged. the former president republican nominee convicted of falsifying business records to cover up a hush money payment to adult film actress stormy daniels. trump, the first president in history to become a criminal, defiant. this morning what his sentence could mean, and what it means for the race to the white house.

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his former fixer michael cohen joins us live. our team coverage r covering all the angles this morning. >> michael: green light. why president biden is giving ukraine permission to use u.s. made weapons inside russia. >> rebecca: boeing under the microscope after the door plug flew off one of its planes. its plan to improve safety and quality control. >> michael: final moment. the co-worker with general hospital star johnny wactor speaks out. >> i was screaming at him, trying to tell him to stay with me an i love him, don't go. that was all that could come out of me at the moment. >> michael: what happened the night that he was gunned down. >> george: mission titanic. a year after the disaster that killed five people t new push to go to the famous wreckage. who's behind it, why they're doing it. >> rebecca: squeezed. with the crisis sending orange juice prices soaring, why your morning cup of oj may soon taste different. >> michael: schools out for smart phones. which state could see a ban and

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will others follow? >> rebecca: they owned the '80s. now the brat pack is back telling their story. we have a sneak peek. >> michael: winner. the spelling speed demon and new national spelling bee champ joins us. and snoop there it is. dallas coming up big. >> three! doncic again, another three! >> michael: blowing out minnesota, setting up a final showdown with the boston celtics. >> announcer: live in times square, this is good morning america. >> michael: good morning america. the nba finals are all set. we're gonna get to that in a little bit. we have a lot of news to take you through. >> george: we begin with another first in american history.

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donald trump now the first and only man who's theld presidency to face a felony conviction. there you see the verdict sheet filled out by a new york jury. seven men and five women. guilty on all 34 felony counts of falsifying business records as part of an illegal scheme to corrupt the 2016 election that made him president. this is the third time this year citizen jurors have held trump accountable. juries, ordinary people doing their duty. remarkably convicted felons can run for president, so this year, in this extraordinary time, american voters will be the ultimate jurors. we're going to cover the fallout of this unprecedented event. we start with aaron katersky at the courthouse in manhattan. good morning, aaron. >> reporter: george, good morning. this was an extraordinary trial and it is unlike any other in american history. we are expecting to hear from former president trump today here at trump tower after a guilty verdict that will now echo throughout this year's presidential election. this morning donald trump is a

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convicted felon. a jury of 12 new yorkers found the former president guilty as charged of all 34 counts. the historic verdict marks the first time a former president has been convicted of a crime. manhattan district attorney alvin bragg said he simply did his job. >> while this defendant may be unlike any other in american history, we arrived at this trial and ultimately today at this verdict in the same manner as every other case that comes through the courtroom doors. by following the facts and the law and doing so without fear or favor. >> reporter: after five weeks of gripping testimony from 22 witnesses, the jury convicted trump of falsifying business records so voters wouldn't find out he paid hush money to stormy daniels. >> it's a culmination of a lot of the pressure that she's been under the last few years and the assaults really in the social

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media realm upon her. just the fear of going through something like this and then coming to court and testifying for two days. there's a lot of emotion. >> reporter: the payment to daniels was meant to silence her claim of a sexual encounter with trump. he denied the tryst but prosecutors said he feared the story would sink his 2016 campaign. they called the subversion of democracy. the jury deliberated ten hours over two days and seemed prepared to go home before a dramatic turn in the courtroom. the judge was preparing to dismiss the jury for the day. then jurors signaled they had reached a verdict. trump, who had been joking and laughing with the defense attorney, suddenly rigid, stone faced, looking down as the jury read the verdict count by count. it took two minutes. trump shut his eyes and shook his head and lashed out as he left court. >> this is just a disgrace. we'll keep fighting. we'll fight until the end and we'll win. >> reporter: trump and his allies cast doubt on his conviction.

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harnessing trump's political power and his grip on the republican party to rally around ahead of the election this fall. >> the real verdict is gonna be november 5th by the people. >> reporter: outside court the stunning conviction became a moment of celebration. star witness michael cohen, who the defense called the greatest liar of all time, hailed what he called an important day for accountability and the rule of law. cohen saying the truth always matters. trump's lawyers said there will be an appeal. >> as soon as we can appeal, we will. the process in new york, there's a sentencing and then we appeal there there. >> reporter: the sentencing hearing is july 11th, days before the republican national convention. the former president faces up to four years in prison. >> george: we are joined by the star witness, michael cohen. thanks for coming back. you were here sitting with us in march 2023. you predicted this outcome.

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so you're not surprised. >> no, i'm not. next month, george, is when you and i sat down for that historic change in my life. that was july 1th of 2018 when i told you that my wife, my daughter, my son and my country have my first loyalty. this has been one heck of a journey in order to see this. >> george: how about that time in the courtroom? what was the toughest moment for you? >> i really didn't have a single moment that was tougher than the 21 hours they had me on the stand, whether it was on direct or on cross-examination. the whole thing was very tough. it was emotionally draining. you have to be perfect. i knew that any mistake that i made would be just -- it would become the topic of conversation that would just explode. and so i really just needed to stay focused. it wasn't easy with todd blanche.

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he's a meanderer as it goes to questioning. >> george: he called you the greatest liar of all time. are you done lying? >> i want people to also remember, i take responsibility for what i did. but remember that the lie -- we have to remember what it was. it was the number of times that i claim to have spoken to donald about the failed trump tower moscow project. i stated three versus ten. i shouldn't have done it. i did it in coordination and at the direction of donald, ivanka. jared, ty cobb. there was a whole people involve in the creation of that document. i don't ignore my responsibility. i accepted it and in part went to prison for it. but i don't want people to think, you know, just because he lied about that, i didn't really think that it was all that material. but i took responsibility for it. >> george: you're done now? >> absolutely done. >> george: did you have any

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moments in the courtroom where you actually had some kind of contact, communication with donald trump? >> only once. the rest of the time he had his eyes closed. he was slumped back, not sure whether he was sleeping or just resting his eyes, as he would say. but there was very limited interaction. not to mention where you sit, it's very difficult to see the defendant the way that the judge's box versus the witness box to see the defendant. it was more to the right. i had a better view to the left of me of the jury than i did of donald. >> george: i'm wondering what that was like for you. you spent years fighting for donald trump, bullying people for donald trump, even lying, as you just said, for donald trump, in coordination with his people. do you wish you'd never met him? >> i do. i do. this has been enormously difficult on my family more than anything. it's been hard on me. but as hard as it is on me,

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watching my family suffer as a direct result of my actions and the misloyalty that i gave to donald, it's something that haunts me every day. >> george: how did you file when you heard that first guilty? >> i let out a, just a gasp of air. six years. remember, the first time that i met with the district attorney of new york's people, i was a prisoner in otisville. i was in my greens. they came back two more times after that. three times i met with da's from new york while i was at otisville. so this has been a long time coming for accountability. >> george: as you know, there are a lot of republican office holders including the speaker of the house who are saying this is a disgrace. they are still backing donald trump. what's your message to voters and republican politicians who are still considering voting for donald trump for president? >> i'm not sure how this makes

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any sense. this is not just a felon, convict, but it's also a man who has openly stated he wants to rewrite the constitution on day one. he wants to be a dictator. not my words. his words. he wants to destroy our system of government. he wants to get rid of the judiciary and the legislative branch and confer all power to the executive branch, meaning himself, turning himself into a king. this country, for 259 years has followed one simple principle, democracy based on the constitution. he wants to rewrite it as if he could. it's just terrible. so how it is that he's still even in the running, why anybody would want to vote for somebody who is anti-democratic makes no sense to me. >> george: so the verdict is in. start of a new chapter for you. >> i have to figure it out. i'm really not even sure where to go.

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don't forget, it's another year before i can even reapply for my law license. my business, i lost. banks, very difficult to work with. they certainly don't make it easy for people coming out to reintegrate into society. i'm a little more fortunate than the average, but it's still difficult, nonetheless. >> george: thank you for coming in today. >> great to see you again george. >> michael: thank you, george. let's go to chief white house correspondent mary bruce. mary the president has not commented. >> reporter: the president has not weighed in. but his campaign says no one is above the law. they are trying to walk a fine line. they want to take advantage of this politically but the biden campaign has also been careful not to celebrate this too much. they don't want to feed into trump's baseless narrative that this was somehow orchestrated by the president. instead, the biden campaign is hammering the point that while donald trump may be a convicted felon, he can still win in november. the campaign, in a somber

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somewhat muted statement saying today's verdict does not change the fact that there is still only one way to keep donald trump out of the oval office, saying it is at the ballot box, adding convicted felon or not, trump will be the republican nominee for president. now, don't expect the biden campaign to completely up end its messaging because of this. i'm told they're going to continue to focus on what is at stake in this election, highlighting abortion rights. how much will his campaign lean into the conviction? biden has been largely silent on this trial. he is expected to comment on the verdict at some point. michael, he is back at the white house this morning. we'll see if he takes our questions. >> michael: mary bruce, thank you very much. one of the big questions, what will the verdict mean to voters? our political director rick klein joins us. good morning, rick. >> good morning, michael. this was a long trial with a lot of embarrassing developments for donald trump. but if anything, donald trump is stronger now than at the start of the trial. you see this narrow lead, donald

7:14 am

trump leading by about two points as of now. that said, there are trump voters who have said a verdict in this matter would make a big difference. this was from our poll from a couple weeks ago. we saw 80% of trump supporters say they would continue to support him no matter what. that would 20% that would reconsider or withdraw on conviction. that's one in five trump voters which is an enormous number in an election expected to be as close as this one. here's one example of how this plays out in practice. this is a poll from just a couple of weeks ago. just like most polls, a narrow trump lead if you look at the straight head to head, 44% to 40%. you ask people what if he's convicted you see trump support dropping by five points, biden's growing by three points. a much different race if you talk about conviction. bottom line is we are in unchartered territory. there's really no precedent for this. we've talked to some undecided voters say they are more firmly in biden's camp. even some who say this is

7:15 am

pushing them towards trump. we're not going to know. in an election this close, everything will matter. this clearly could be a huge development. george? >> george: let's bring in dan abrams and rachel scott. dan, let me begin with you. walk us through what kind of sentence donald trump will be facing. >> anything from no time to up to four year. we hear the term 34 counts. yes, it's true. but effectively for sentencing it's one count. it would all be served concurrently, at the same time. there's no way this would be happening consecutively. the real question would be, even if there is no jail time. most people expect no jail time. >> george: first time offender. >> low level felony. lowest level in new york state. the question becomes, okay, what about the possibility of home confinement? what about the possibility of community service? what about the possibility of probation? question two is when would it be served? it would likely happen after all the appeals. >> george: one other question on that. in florida convicted felons cannot vote until after they've served their sentence.

7:16 am

there's a quirk in the new york law that will allow donald trump to vote? >> florida law defers to the place where the conviction occurred. it occurred in new york so new york law applies. in new york, the only way you can't vote is if you are a felon currently serving time in prison so it won't prevent him from voting. >> george: rachel, remarkably, and yet predictably, republican politicians falling in line to support a convicted felon. >> donald trump has a tight grip on the republican party and the indictments didn't really matter for most of the republican party. neither does the conviction on all counts in this case. the speaker of the house, second in line to the presidency, who showed up outside that manhattan courthouse to show support for the former president calls this a shameful day, calling it a political exercise, not a legal one. even some of trump's toughest critics in the past, florida governor ron desantis, his former rival said the indictments sucked the air out of the republican primary, he blasted this verdict as did mitch mcconnell who has a very

7:17 am

icy relationship with donald trump. in a lot of ways the republican party is closer to the former president. >> george: what do we know about what trump is going to do next? >> the reality is the play book for trump remains the same. doesn't matter what the verdict was going to be. the trump campaign was going to fund raise off this, use it as a rallying cry. for a lot of trump's advisers, this is something that was unthinkable a year ago, the idea this case would even be brought to daylight. not alone would he be convicted on all 34 counts, donald trump is now faced with something we have never seen before in american history. he is going to be campaigning as a convicted felon. the question now, how does that settle with the american voters? >> george: completely unchartered waters. thank you both very much. rebecca? >> rebecca: coming up the friend who was with johnny wactor when the general hospital star was killed tells us about his last moments. >> michael: less than a year after the deadly submersible implosion, two men are going down to the titanic wreckage.

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>> rebecca: the winner of the national spelling bee joins us. first we go to ginger. >> ginger: it's been just over two weeks since houston was smacked with those 80 to 100 mile winds that knocked out power. they're gonna get hit again in just minutes. it's over cyprus. severe thunderstorm warning with 60 mile per hour winds has already moved through college station. and just yesterday, midland texas had a land spout and tornado. both recorded. if it felt like it's been a busy may and busy season, you are correct. since 1990, this is the second most tornados that we have seen. we could add another one today, probably more like a monroe, louisiana, parts of greenville, mississippi or southeastern arkansas. your local weather in 30 seconds.

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7:24 am

was part of a conspiracy to steal the election from donald trump. let's see what traffic is doing this morning. hi, amanda. hi, reggie. >> we're keeping our eyes on the commute through palo alto after that three car crash. one person dead caused a full closure of the northbound lanes around three this morning. this happened at northbound 101 in san antonio road. right now, only the left lane is open. speeds are down to 15mph. instead, take 280 in el camino to avoid. >> all right. we're going to check in

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appointment. the people you trust trust court. >> yo, what's up everybody? how you doing? >> kev? kev, can i get a response to the trade rumors? trader trades means moving, man. >> we talking about moving? moving means contractors, inspectors, strangers judging my carpet. what are we talking about? staging. we're talking about a faux ficus. a faux ficus ? nobody's going to be a faux ficus in my house. >> you could use open door, sell your house directly to them. it's easy. >> i guess we're moving. kev. kev, what you gonna ask me about next, man? >> practice star wars the acolyte two episode premiere tuesday, only on disney plus. >> good morning. friday morning. clear. start here in the city. gorgeous view. temperatures have been a little chilly in spots, but oakland already in the upper 50s. 62 in hayward and san jose. and you can see the haze here that marine layer is compressed with high pressure in control. so there's some patchy fog from half moon bay to pacifica. also,

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peeks of sun 56. in napa, it is 61, in concord today. a lot like yesterday. pleasant conditions around the bay with 73 in oakland, 82 in napa. mid 60s downtown. the breeze kicks up in the afternoon. we've got fog at the coast and near 90 inland. cooler though over the weekend. >> reggie thank you lisa. if you're streaming on the abc seven bay area app abc seven at seven, including my interview with alanis morissette is coming up, but everybody else is watching gma. >> start your weekend with a little aloha and aloha friday on abc seven news. aloha friday travel forecast tonight at five, sponsored by oakland international airport. aloha begins at o.r.k. >> last year in california, there were 200,000 car crashes. when a car crash happens, it's important to have an experienced attorney on your side. the barnes firm has years of experience handling thousands of car crash cases. we will give you the support you need and

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>> rely. you salonpas lidocaine flex, a super thin, flexible patch with maximum otc strength lidocaine that contours to the body to relieve pain right where it >> another three! got it! he is on fire! 20 points! >> michael: he was on fire last night. welcome back to gma. the dallas mavericks are heading to the nba finals. luka was named mvp of the western conference finals. he will make his first finals appearance. cannot wait to see that. lara stayed up late, of course,

7:31 am

to watch the game. >> george: we are following a lot of headlines. donald trump convicted in the hush money case. the former president republican nominee found guilty as charged of all 34 counts. will be sentenced four days before the start of the gop convention that will choose him as the republican presidential nominee. also right now a third case of bird flu has been found in a person in the u.s. it was a farm worker in michigan who came in contact with an infected cow. the person is recovering. the cdc reiterated that the bird flu risk to the general public is low. >> rebecca: the taste of your morning orange juice could soon change. orange production in florida and brazil, both growers of oranges, is down so the price of oranges is soaring. oj makers could start blending other juice in to the orange juice to cut down on cost. and new york's governor wants to ban kids from using smart phones at school.

7:32 am

so called dumb phones would still be allowed. those are the phones that don't have internet access. so kids and parents can still text each other. that ban could come to a vote early next year. i have to say, dumb phone. >> michael: i had a dumb phone back in the day. that's what a phone was. >> rebecca: i didn't even have a phone back in the day. as a parent of a 5-year-old, i'm excited to see more states considering rules like this. we've got a lot more ahead including boeing's plans to improve safety and quality control. that is coming up. >> michael: now the co-worker who was with johnny wactor when he was gunned down, speaking for the first time about that tragic night. mola lenghi joins us with the story. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, michael. we spoke with his co-worker and good friend who was with him when he was killed. wactor basically dying in her arms as she recalls to us those harrowing moments.

7:33 am

>> it all happened in an instant. all of my being just kind of dropped to my ankles. >> reporter: just days after the tragic shooting death of general hospital star johnny wactor, his friend and co-worker, anita joy, who was with him in those final moments, sitting down with gma recounting that harrowing night. >> just felt completely helpless. there's nothing in my knowledge that i could have done aside from, like, trying to give him support. >> reporter: the two had just finished their bartending shift around 3 a.m. in downtown los angeles and were walking to their cars when police say they came across three suspects in masks attempting to steal wactor's catalytic converter. can you take me back to that night? >> a man is down like on his knees putting a jack under his car. he had the car jacked up. we realized this is not good. he had a ski mask on. we were just suddenly like, oh, no, this is bad. >> reporter: wactor then approached one of the suspects

7:34 am

who joy said instantly opened fire on the 37-year-old before fleeing in a dark sedan. >> he approached the man just one step forward and i hear a loud crack. he came backwards towards me. >> reporter: johnny? >> johnny, yeah. >> reporter: the moment johnny says, i'm shot, what's going through your head? >> i'm thinking shot? what's next? i didn't see the wound. i could feel the blood. i had blood on my hans. he had a shot right to his chest. >> reporter: joy said she screamed for help and a nearby security guard called 911. joy tying her jacket around wactor to stop the bleeding, but it wasn't enough. >> i was screaming at him trying to tell him to stay with me and i love him and, you know, don't go. that was all that could come out of me. >> reporter: how do you want johnny to be remembered? >> he was the guy that would give you the shirt off your back. he was the guy to step in front of you if you're going to get shot. you could be friends with him

7:35 am

ten minutes or ten years an he would give you the same energy. >> reporter: with the suspects still at large nearly a week later, police seeking the public's help in identifying those behind that senseless killing. >> i hope they're terrified. i hope somehow we find them. they didn't even get the catalytic converter. that's what they were going for. they left with johnny's life instead. >> reporter: she told us she's hoping the suspects are ultimately caught and convicted. that man hunt going on day six. still no arrests, no suspects. of course, police are still investigating. they are now asking for the public's help. >> michael: just an unnecessary tragedy there. thank you very much, mola. coming up next, the men planning to journey down to the wreck of the titanic after the disaster that killed five people. why they're doing it when we come back.

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>> george: we are back with plan to return to the titanic site as we approach the one year anniversary of the implosion that left five people dead. will reeve spoke with a man on a mission. good morning, will. >> good morning, george. the memory of the catastrophe is still fresh in many's minds and conjured again now with the headline that a wealthy businessman wants to give it another try. but larry connor, who has experience diving to the deepest point on earth and has even been to outer space has an answer to the question many are asking when they learn of this plan,

7:40 am

which is why? it was the search and recovery mission that captivated the world. >> george: the debris field has been found. >> all five people aboard the ocean gate titan submersible losing their lives journeying to the infamous wreck. now, less than a year later, these two men, patrick lahe and wealthy entrepreneur larry connor want another shot. connor speaking with gma about their plans. the natural question is why? >> almost three-quarters of the earth is covered in water. isn't doing research important and worth while given that fact? >> what is then the purpose of this planned dive down to the titanic? >> to demonstrate safety. if you look at submersibles that have been dmv certified, there's never been an accident. the ocean gate vessel was not

7:41 am

certified and would never have been. >> ocean gate could not be reached for comment. connor said they are designing a new, safer and certified submersible known as the explorer which will cost $13 million to $15 million. it will carry two people, have an acrylic hull and offer a near panoramic view. ready to go, guys? >> yeah. >> five years ago i went to the bottom of the atlantic ocean in a submersible similar. how confident are you this will work? >> very confident. but the moment we don't meet one standard the project is done. we will not compromise safety. >> are you afraid to go? >> i will not go anyplace or do any dives if i'm not 100% convinced that the submersible is safe. >> deep sea exploration carries risk. >> i don't think submersibles

7:42 am

should be abandoned for a similar accident. if you think about space travel, we lost an entire crew. but that tells us what we have done wrong in the past and how to get it right in the future. >> connor said if it passes all the safety requirement, the explorer which won't be ready until at least the summer of 2026 will make three trips. two for scientific research and one to view the titanic wreckage. >> george: thank you, will. coming up how one kidney donation saved three lives and created an extended family. it's an abc news exclusive. and next the winner of the scripp's national spelling bee as our play of the day. and start getting automatic deals. (gasp) more cookies! yeah! pay with the new target circle card and save an extra 5%. and get unlimited same-day delivery when you upgrade

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7:46 am

>> rebecca: we are back now with our play of the die. the winner of the national spelling bee, 12-year-old bruhat soma from tampa, florida, took the 2024 championship title. he meet 244 other competitors. i spoke to him a little earlier. welcome, bruhat. it is great to see you and we are so proud of you. how does it feel to be spelling bee champion? >> this is what i have been working for one year. i'm just really happy to win, like, i have been trying so hard. i have been working really hard. so, yeah, just winning, i feel really happy. it's like a dream come true. >> rebecca: all that hard work was certainly on display.

7:47 am

29 words in 90 seconds. i couldn't believe my eyes or my ears as you went through that in the final round. what was that like? were you nervous? >> so actually, with my dad, i used to do like mock spelloffs. he would prepare words. and then he would just like put a timer for 90 seconds. i would just do the same thing. i would try to spell as many as i can correctly in 90 seconds. i have been doing that every day for the past six months. so, yeah, when the spelloff came i was like, i actually have a shot at winning this. >> rebecca: every single day for six months. what dedication. your father said it was the proudest moment for the family. how does that make you feel? >> yeah, it makes me feel really happy. yeah, i know winning scripp's is a really big thing. it takes really hard work to win. >> rebecca: what do you want to say to all the people who have supported you along the way?

7:48 am

>> yeah, to them i'd like to say thank you. and, i'd also like to say, if you have a goal, just work for it and then you can do it. >> rebecca: love that message. you also got $50,000 cash prize as part of winning the bee. does that go straight to the college fund? >> actually, i'm just gonna donate it because i know there's people who have less privileges than me. i want them to feel happy, too. >> rebecca: wow, that is remarkable, paying it forward in such a beautiful way. do you have your heart set -- you're 12, but do you have your heart set on a future path? >> yes. i want to be a doctor when i grow up. >> rebecca: you want to be a doctor. i bet you will be a tremendous doctor with your kind of commitment and your heart in all of this. what do you say to kids out there who are thinking right

7:49 am

now, i want to be next year's spelling bee champion? >> yeah. so what i'd say is set a goal in the spelling bee. so like whether you want to make finals or semis, or even if you want to win. just set that goal and then realize how much you have to work for. it and then just work for it and then you'll win. >> rebecca: going forward, what's your next big challenge? >> i want to go to a good university. i don't know what but, yeah, i just want to go to a big university. >> rebecca: i think you are well on your way to that, bruhat. congratulation to you and to your family. really great dedication and kindness to boot. we love it. >> thank you so much. >> rebecca: he was so sweet. >> michael: congratulation. >> george: you work hard, you're gonna get it. >> rebecca: it's that simple, george. right? coming up ike ejochi is on a bucket list trip on a budget. where are you? it's beautiful there.

7:50 am

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7:54 am

next week the hottest of the year. temperatures well above 100. coming up an exclusive sneak peek of the new movie about the brat pack. we cannot wait to see that one. then lori bergamotto here with the right stuff on beach essentials that you are going to love. plus this is why everybody is screaming. k pop stars tomorrow x together are performing live. we have a huge crowd out in times square. your local news and weather are coming up next.

7:55 am

next week. where's the best place to start your day? >> good morning america with selena, steve and martin and an exclusive first look as pat sajak prepares to say goodbye to wheel. plus travis kelce. and you know he has a lot to talk about next week on good morning america. >> for me, i experienced a lot of heartache.

7:56 am

>> it's taken me a long time to even get to this moment. >> and the cma award for entertainer of the year goes to lainey wilson. >> wow. >> tonight has a case we all thought was solved. >> hands my daughter, holly. bobo. holly. >> bobo. holly. bobo. >> blown wide open. >> now the key witness changing his story. >> what does he tell you? >> tells me he made the whole thing up. >> 2020 tonight on abc. >> always live abc seven news starts right now. good morning. >> i'm reggie aqui from abc seven mornings. amanda, how's traffic right now? >> already all lanes of northbound one on one in palo alto have reopened. and that sigalert canceled at san antonio road after that three car crash with someone killed that had that happened at 3 a.m, 280 and el camino are still the best alternatives. and there's an eight vehicle crash, including a metro bus on northbound 17 before the cats restaurant. it's blocking the left lane. expect a one hour delay in the backup is only getting worse as.

7:57 am

>> from our east bay hills camera, this is while the all the heat will be again today. right now it's clear a little haze out there. upper 60s. we're warming already in san jose, but low 50s with some patchy fog at the shoreline. low to mid 60s here from our inland valleys and a really nice day on the way with a wide range of temperatures. 60s downtown that afternoon. sea breeze mid 80s in santa rosa. >> if you're streaming with us on the abc seven bay area app. abc seven at seven continues. everybody else is watching gma >> make this a summer to share and save during the kia summer sticker sales event. in one of our capable suvs this summer, visit your local kia dealer and save lease, especially tagged 2024 telluride s for 359 a month. >> got a large mushroom pizza? >> susan marie pizza again palmer hellofresh has delicious

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classic pepperoni, salami and red onions and sweet, tangy banana peppers. truly a pizza fit for a king order online at roundtable pizza. >> com make this a summer to share and save in the fun. tech forward forte recommended by consumer reports during the kia summer sticker sales event, lisa specially tagged 2024 forte lxs for 169 a month. >> tv's biggest morning party live >> george: good morning america. it's 8 a.m. guilty as charged. former president and republican nominee convicted of falsifying business records to cover up a hush money payment to stormy daniels. trump, the first president in history to become a criminal defiant. this morning what his sentence means for the race for the white house. his former fixer and key witness in the case, michael cohen, joins us live. our team covering all the angles this morning. >> michael: miraculous transplant. one man's decision to donate his kidney, saving not one but two lives.

8:01 am

>> how do you feel? >> i feel wonderful. thank you so much. >> michael: the motional moment they met for the first time and how it helped save his brother's life, too. their story only on gma. >> george: the brat pack is back. ♪ we have an exclusive sneak peek of the actors who owned the '80s together again, telling their story. ♪ >> rebecca: and we've got deja vu because k pop sensation tomorrow x together is here performing live. ♪ i wanna soak up the sun ♪ >> michael: and soak up the sun in mexico without breaking the bank. how you can take this bucket list trip on a budget, as they say -- >> good morning america! yeah! >> announcer: live in times square, this is gma.

8:02 am

>> michael: good morning america. happy friday. we have a great crowd in times square this morning. they're excited -- >> george: lining up early. >> rebecca: cheers and some tears. we have a lot of news to get to as well including the latest on boeing, tacking their troubles. martha raddatz will have more on the reversal, president biden giving ukraine the green light to launch u.s. weapons inside russia. >> george: now donald trump. the first and only man who's held presidency to face a conviction. the verdict sheet guilty on all 34 felony counts as part of an illegal scheme to corrupt the 2016 election which made him president. want to go back to aaron katersky at trump tower. good morning, aaron. >> reporter: good morning, george. former president trump is set to speak here today at this building to put his mark on new york after a jury of 12 new yorkers marked him as the first former president to be a convicted criminal.

8:03 am

this morning donald trump is a convicted felon. a jury of 12 new yorkers found the former president guilty as charged of all 34 counts. the historic verdict marks the first time a former president has been convicted of a crime. >> while this defendant may be unlike any other in american history, we arrived at this trial and ultimately today at this verdict in the same manner as every other case that comes through the courtroom doors. by following the facts and the law and doing so without fear or favor. >> reporter: after five weeks of gripping testimony from 22 witnesses, the jury convicted trump of falsifying business records so voters wouldn't find out he paid hush money to stormy daniels. >> it's the culmination of a lot of the pressure that she's been under the last few years. there's a lot of emotion. >> reporter: the payment to daniels was meant to silence her claim of a second wall encounter

8:04 am

with trump. he denied the tryst but feared the story would sink his campaign. they called it the submersion of democracy. the jury deliberated ten hours. then jurors signaled they reached a verdict. trump, who had been joking and laughing with defense attorney todd blanche suddenly rigid, stone faced, as the jury read the verdict, count by count. it took two minutes. trump shut his eyes and shook his head, and lashed out as he left court. >> this is just a disgrace and we'll keep fighting. we'll fight til the end and we'll win. >> reporter: trump and his allies cast doubt on his conviction, harnessing his political power and his grip on the republican party to rally supporters around calls for retaliation ahead of the election this fall. >> the real verdict will be november 5th by the people. >> reporter: and star witness michael cohen, who the defense called the greatest liar of all time, hailed what he called an important day for accountability and the rule of law.

8:05 am

>> george: you spent years fighting for donald trump, bullying people for donald trump, even lying for donald trump in coordination with his people. do you wish you'd never met him? >> i do. i do. this has been enormously difficult on my family, more than anything. it's been hard on me. but as hard as it is on me, watching my family suffer as a direct result of my actions and the misloyalty that i gave to donald, it's something that haunts me every day. >> reporter: trump's lawyer said there will be an appeal. >> as soon as we can appeal, we will. the process in new york, there's a sentencing and then we appeal from there. >> reporter: trump faces between 1 1/2 and 4 years in prison when sentenced on july 11th. george, that's just days before trump is set to claim the republican party's nomination. >> george: thank you very much. michael? >> michael: george, we're going now to president biden giving ukraine permission to strike inside russia using american

8:06 am

weapons. our chief global affairs correspondent martha raddatz joins us with the latest. good morning, martha. >> reporter: good morning, michael. this is a major reversal with russian troops just 20 miles across the border from ukraine's second largest city, on the verge of a full scale assault, president biden gave the green light for ukraine to launch american supplied weapons into russia itself. this is something ukraine's president zelenskyy has been pleading for and more than a dozen countries have already approved several moves. u.s. officials voiced deep concerns that allowing hits on russian soil would pull american further into this conflict. there are restrictions. officials insist the u.s. weapons will only target russian military sites that are being used to launch weapons into kharkiv. putin already calling this an escalation, another step towards a serious conflict in europe and around the globe. rebecca. >> rebecca: a major reversal

8:07 am

with potential side effects. okay, martha, thank you. we turn now to aircraft maker boeing, delivering its plan to the faa outlining quality and safety improvements. trevor ault is at newark airport with what boeing plans to do to rebuild the nation's trust. they have work to do. good morning, trevor. >> reporter: they definitely do. good morning, rebecca. thursday there was a meticulous three hour meeting between boeing and the faa in which boeing laid out its plan to fix its safe taeupbd quality control issue. federal regulators say this is a good start that they will be watching very close. boeing said its plans fall into four main categories. work force train, eliminating defects and elevating a culture of safety and quality. and simplifying plans and processes. boeing, of course, came under scrutiny after that door plug blew off an alaska airlines flight just a couple months ago. even since then, there's been several other concerning safety incidents and sop whistle blower

8:08 am

accusations about falsified maintenance records. the faa capped boeing's manufacturing of 737 max planes. even with these new plans in place, that cap is definitely going to remain there until the faa said it's fully satisfied that safety standards have been raised. there's no timeline for when that might be. they did indicate it is very unlikely that's going to happen in the next several months. now, just one example of one of the changes that boeing says it's already implemented. they said they have now added 300 hours of training materials for their new mechanics and inspectors. >> michael: thank you, trevor. coming up, an exclusive look at the new documentary on the brat pack. the young actors who ruled the '80s. >> george: one man donating a kidney helped a stranger and his brother, connecting two families. an abc news exclusive. >> rebecca: fans of tomorrow x together have been lining up since last night. they were here bright an early this morning. they are performing live.

8:09 am

>> george: plus ike ejochi will tell us how to get a beach get away without breaking the bank. and lara is with lori. >> lara: we have the right stuff on beach essentials, perfect for any bucket list trip or wherever you're enjoying the sand and surf. that's coming up on a very summery edition of gma.

8:10 am

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pneumonia, and osteoporosis. call your doctor if worsened breathing, chest pain, mouth or tongue swelling, problems urinating, vision changes, or eye pain occur. can't afford your medication? astrazeneca may be able to help. ask your doctor about breztri. >> george: it's time for our gma

8:14 am

cover story about two brothers and a stranger connected by a life saving kidney transplant. erielle reshef has the story. good morning. >> good morning, george. these three lives are forever interconnected. clay's selfless act of love for his brother giving the gift of life to a stranger. when clay decided to donate his kidney, the californian didn't know his choice would change not one, but two lives. >> how do you feel? >> i feel wonderful. >> great to be here. >> reporter: what started it all? clay's younger brother kaert needed a kidney. >> it wasn't really like a question for me whether or not to do it. i was just gonna do it. just wanted to help him get as healthy as he could. >> reporter: preliminary testing showed 26-year-old clay wasn't a match for his brother, but ucla health has a kidney exchange program. clay's donation to a stranger guaranteed his brother a compatible kidney from someone else. in december clay donated his kidney to sonya glover, who had

8:15 am

been waiting for a match for almost ten years. >> he's my angel. i told him and his wife, we're connected forever. you will get random cards from me. it's like you're my family now. >> reporter: watch the emotional moment they met for the first time. >> thank you so much. >> reporter: 22-year-old carter, at home on dialysis, waited anxiously for a match. >> i had gotten so used to how i felt. i didn't know how bad i felt. >> reporter: in february, carter got a new kidney from an anonymous donor. >> i'm great. i'm able to do stuff again. i feel so much better. >> reporter: clay, always a hero to his little brother, even more so now. >> there's not enough i can do to thank him for what he's done for me. what he did truly saved my life. i can't thank him enough for it.

8:16 am

>> reporter: and sonya, forever thankful. >> words can't express how grateful i am for clay and his brother. they started this whole process. i just thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. appreciation is not enough. >> reporter: to add more sweetness to this, sonya's grand daughter was born just days after her transplant. take a look here. this is her grand daughter. the saying goes who ever saves one life saves the world entire. beautiful story. >> george: thank you. how about some pop news? >> lara: let's do it. good morning to you and to you. we will begin with the nba. must be hard to leave snoop dog speechless, but that's exactly what luka doncic did as he led the mavs to a blowout win, taking down snoop's team, the minnesota timberwolves in a blowout to advance to the nba finals. it is their first trip back to the finals since 2011. the always inspiring mavericks

8:17 am

ceo sid marshall is ready. >> yeah! boston, here we come! >> lara: she just makes me smile. doncic says he's taking nothing for granted against the tough boston celtics. his partner kyrie irving said he's looking forward to facing off against his former team. the first game is next thursday, guys. it's in boston. >> michael: i'm happy for my buddy jason kidd. doing a great job coaching. >> lara: it would be great if they did it. >> michael: fantastic. >> lara: who ever wins it's gonna be a great series. also in pop news this morning, news for lovers of smart comedies that is. a play on words. jean smart hacks is just that. see what i did there? it's funny. it's moving. now it's officially a go for season 4, george. >> george: oh, wow. >> lara: the same day the show premiered its season 3 finale. you saw it? >> rebecca: haven't yet. >> lara: that's my big friday night, guys.

8:18 am

[ laughter ] >> sam: no spoilers. >> lara: no spoilers here. the same day it premiered, hbo max made the announcement saying the creative team behind this singular show is not only brilliant but also a joy to work with. couldn't be happier to give viewers another season with deborah, ava and the rest of the hacks family. penny anne will be back, as well as my favorite character will be back, deborah's manager jimmy played by paul downs who is creator, writer and sometimes director of the series. >> george: very talented. >> lara: so fantastic. if you haven't seen it, watch it. hacks season 3 now streaming on max. finally, guys, if you remember the brat pack, like sam and i do. >> sam: yes. >> lara: then you will love this story. if you aren't familiar, we're talking about a group of the hottest hollywood stars in into 80s. 19835 rob lowe, demi moore, emelio estevez, ally sheady made

8:19 am

the cult classic film st. elmo's fire, which sam and i have recreated many times. they coined the term the brat pack as a rip on the rat pack. and today the pack, one of them andrew mccarthy, has made a documentary about what it was like to be part of that phenomenon. here's an exclusive look of some very familiar faces from the doc. let's take a look. >> so who's in the brat pack? >> i was. >> no, no. it is true. '80s culture to you is judd nelson, emelio. >> i have been trying to answer this question for year. >> the brat pack was just us. >> people would say molly's in the brat pack. >> molly ringwold. >> i don't see demi. >> demi, ally. >> john cryer. >> i am not in the brat pack. >> what are the brat pack movies? >> i don't tkphoe. >> fast times ridgemont high? >> young guns? no. >> the outsiders. emelio and rob lowe are in that,

8:20 am

but is tom cruise in the brat pack? >> i have got to do what's good for me. >> would you put matt dillon in the brat pack? >> you were probably the center because of the article and then you were in two movies. >> so was judd. >> judd, emelio, rob lowe, demi moore, ally sheady. >> and me. >> and you. >> lara: causing fierce debate right here on the set. >> sam: molly, yes. tom cruise, no. >> lara: absolutely not. >> sam: who else? >> lara: emelio of course. demi obviously. duh. [ laughter ] >> george: i'm still stuck on you guys recreating st. elmo's fire. >> sam: you know on a stormy night, george. every time. >> lara: brat premieres on thursday june 13th. i don't know which camera to look at. i'm just captivated by our conversation. if you want to take walk down memory lane before it premieres

8:21 am

check out brat pack classics like the breakfast club or st. elmo's fire. that's pop news, george. [ laughter ] >> rebecca: let's go to ginger. >> ginger: we've been watching almost solely brat pack movies as a lead up to this. that's how excited ben and i are. i'm with you for sure. houston this morning just had a severe thunderstorm roll through. this is just over two weeks since they had that blast of 80 to 100 mile an hour winds. texas will be in the threat area today. that thunderstorm watch goes for another couple hours, as do flood watches. we want you to be extra careful. this is the type of thing that can happen. it happened earlier this week with flash flooding. you get caught and don't have a way out. you almost need matt gutman's tip. they did get that person out safely. let's get a check closer to home.

8:22 am

♪ oh oh oh oh the right stuff ♪ >> michael: right stuff. that's right. time for the right stuff. we're gearing up for summer. lori bergamotto is here to help us prep for our next beach trip. let's get to it. you look like you're ready for the beach. >> i am. i'm really channelling that summer vibe. >> michael: i need a blanket when i go to the beach. >> you are a super sized personality. we have a super sized blanket for you. hold this side. grab this side here. this blanket is the number one selling beach blanket in its category on amazon.

8:23 am

it has over 12,000 positive reviews. it's 10 feet by 9 feet. michael strahan for scale. i love to say that. i love when we get to put that next to you. there you go. this is sand proof, water resistant. i don't know about you, but are you a person who likes the sand? >> michael: no. >> i really don't like the sand. having a blanket where, look at that. thank you for doing that. now that you've whisked it away, you can also fold it down. >> michael: goes that small? >> under $40. can accommodate a large family. it is light and totable. what's not to love. >> michael: if you're going to have a beach blanket, you need a beach chair. >> this one you're not gonna do better. this is a warm weather work horse. it has a backpack. this is from tommy bahama. you can see it's very lightweight and easy to carry. it has five positions so it can recline just how you like it. it can lay flat.

8:24 am

also, it has an insulated cooler so you can carry -- >> michael: what? i'm modelling. >> it has insulated cooler so you can carry drinks. a place for your cell phone. this is like a number one best seller for them. and it's under 90s. >> michael: you get tired just lay back and go to sleep. >> this is really fun. i like to cool down at the beach. but don't necessarily want to go in the water. but don't want to be hot. this little thing here, we got this on amazon. under $15. wrong one. i'm pressing the flashlight. it's a flashlight and a fan. the fan is already on here. it looks like this. just a little compact thing. portable. number one portable fan in the world, michael strahan. you can actually charge -- thank you. >> michael: your hair is moving.

8:25 am

>> you can charge your phone with it, too. so it does those three things. there we go. i just popped it back on here. everybody was saying, can i have one of those after the segment's over? it's something everybody really wants. >> michael: everybody's going to the beach. good weekend to do it here in new york. sunscreen. >> this is an essential, right? >> michael: yes. >> sun balm is a leader because they make kids for babies, kids, adults. i don't know if you remember the werm. this is so great because it's a roll on. i've never seen. isn't that cool? so you can just late to the party? well, it's kind of innovative and brand new, so there's a lot of great things. uva, uvb protective and dermatologist approved. but now that we've got sunscreen, we can't forget about refreshing some refreshments. this arctic cooler industry leader in the category feel how lightweight it is. it carries up to 30 cans like nothing. it floats. michael

8:26 am

strahan. so if you're boating this weekend or on the beach in the pool, you just want it to float. it's fantastic. it keeps things cold for up to two days. so this is the thing to get arctic and i like our fake ice. >> nothing like a good fake ice. lori, thank you so much as always. thank you everybody. you know where to get these products. and coming up our bucket list on a budget. heads to the beaches of mexico. so you stay right there. i could drop you going to bring that to us? lucky man gets to go to mexico. he forgot his cooler, though. cooler. all right, we'll be right back. this summer gma is popping up across america and surprising the most incredible people live paying it forward with gma ray of sunshine. >> get ready to smile because you know what will make the morning better a little ray of sunshine. gma surprise people across the country helping find thousands in unclaimed money. >> this really is a big check. yes. >> and this summer we're at it

8:27 am

again. that's incredible because nothing's better than hearing you say show me the money on good morning america. >> get emotional with pixar's inside out on the wonderful world of disney. abc sunday. >> welcome to our annual gathering, the nba finals. here we go at the center of it are two exceptional teams, and yet you're all a part of it. but remember, no one sips the champagne into a champ, is crowned. >> always live abc seven news starts right now. >> good morning everyone. i'm kumasi aaron from abc seven mornings. here's a look at traffic with amanda. good morning kumasi. >> we're going to take you down to los gatos where it is far from friday. light specifically for drivers driving in the northbound direction of 17 before the cats restaurant. we're hearing about an eight vehicle crash involving a metro bus that has shut down the left lane there. there's only two lanes, so the left lane is

8:28 am

impacted. that delay is only growing worse. it stopped from big moody curve, so just keep that in mind. speeds are down to 35mph. kumasi >> thanks, amanda. meteorologist lisa argen has your accuweather forecast after the break. >> make this a summer to share and save during the kia summer sticker sales event in one of our capable suvs this summer. visit your local kia dealer and save lives, especially tagged 2024 telluride, s for 359 a month car accident berg wins. >> i'm not sure i can afford a lawyer. >> berg wins. >> what if the insurance company offers this? but my medical bills are this berg wins. >> i need somebody to deal with the insurance company. >> berg wins. >> i'm william berg. when the insurance company tries to pay you less, we fight to win you more. and with our no fee guarantee, if you don't win, you pay nothing. >> my wife and i called my cousin called. >> my mom called. >> all right, i'm ready to call. >> are you?

8:29 am

>> call one 800 400 berg. i'm doug hopkins with brothers by >> and i want to buy your house. i'll make you an aces cash offer on your house within 24 hours. whether it's a total fixer upper or in perfect condition. brothers by is the easiest way to sell your house. when you sell your house to brothers by there's no fees, no commissions, no banks and no repairs. just go to brothers by for your free, no obligation cash offer. 24 hours a day. that's brothers by >> make this a summer to share and save in the fun tech forward forte. recommended by consumer reports. during the kia summer sticker sales event, lisa specially tagged 2024 forte lexus for 169 a month. >> happy friday to you. waking up to sunny skies and look at all the sea lions here over 2000, perhaps waiting on those anchovies. 63 in redwood city it is 56. in san francisco, half

8:30 am

moon bay. patchy fog, 54. clear here at the golden gate bridge. upper 60s for you by the delta. and we're looking at a quick warm up again in our inland valleys in a wide range of temperatures from the upper 50s and fog, half moon bay 66. slightly cooler today in san francisco that afternoon. sea breeze 86. in santa rosa, it's a cooler weekend with breezy winds and more fog. kumasi. >> thank you lisa. we'll have another >> announcer: welcome back to gma live from times square. >> george: time for our series bucket list on a budget where we have teamed up with the points guys for inside tips on vacations without breaking the bank. ike ejochi is on the beach in playa dell carmen mexico. >> reporter: good morning. i'm at the sandals resort. if you think a vacation this beautiful is out of reach, think again.

8:31 am

we have beautiful white sand beaches, all the adventure of an all inclusive resort. most importantly, big savings. from the crystal clear waters to the miles of white sand beaches and rich culture of mexico's history, the yucatan peninsula has been entered on our spot as a vacation spot. if it seems out of reach, we've got you covered. mexico. i got my ray neck pillow. ready to get some sun. let's go. first up, flights. let's take houston. we found round trip flights this summer for around $200 on airlines like frontier and spirit. as for budget friendly accommodations, all inclusive resort. >> the best part is they allow families to budget. number one comparison shop online using online travel agencies. but when you hone in on the one you want, contact them directly

8:32 am

and negotiate for an even better rate and extra perks like airport pickup. finally, take advantage of everything there is to offer. go to the orientation and pay attention. you will be shocked at some of the valuable activities you can get as part of your stay. >> reporter: we're staying at the sandals resort where this summer best available rates are up to 55% off and two kids stay free. not only are food and drinks included, but so are the activities. whoo! that's a deal that makes a splash! take a bike tour on the resort trail. wow, look at that. or take a snorkel in a stunning natural under water marvel. you can even immerse yourself in ancient mayan culture. like this sink hole. the best part, no additional cost. they're all included.

8:33 am

and if you want to get out and see mexico like a local, book off site excursions through your resort. check if your hotel has affiliations with tour guide companies for potential discounts. we got 10% off. after an hour drive we finally made it. look at this. ancient mayan ruins looking over the caribbean sea. guy, it's tours like these where you really get to experience ancient mexican culture. these ruins behind me were built 800 years ago and it's the only mayan city on the coast. take a trip to playa del carmen where you can see free live performances like the dance of the fire. and head over to fifth avenue for shop. you might be able to save a few bucks by haggling but remember always be kind. try to learn a few phrases of the language.

8:34 am

and while you have unlimited food at the resort, eat like a local with these cheap eats, like this place where the tacos will cost you less than $2 each. that is phenomenal. and the best part, affordable. or desserts like strawberries with cream. stands selling this sweet dessert for as low as $4. mmm. that's good. and one last deal. the captain hook show is setting sail for the high sea, with up to 20% off when you book in advance. kids age 2-11 are free. savings do exist in paradise. now if you want to know how much we saved, normally a five day

8:35 am

four night stay for a family of four cost over $2,100. we did it for half the price, just $1,052. all inclusive resorts often have live performances. i'm here with a bunch of performers from the fire show. it represents mexico's rich historical culture. joining me now is ismail. he is dressed as the emperor. good morning. >> good morning. >> reporter: i gotta ask you something. tell us the meaning behind the show. >> it is about the creation of the universe, through the animals who represent the four elements between our body, mind and soul. it's an original of humanity. finding love through the fire ceremony. >> reporter: i love the outfits. what's the inspiration behind them? >> the inspiration behind the costume was to reflect mexico's rich culture, you know? it's about like to expose the necklace with the feathers to create a unique personality for each of the character. >> reporter: i absolutely love it.

8:36 am

guys, you have to see this. this is an unbelievable performance. guys, take it away. ♪ unbelievable guys. how awesome was that. we're going to continue to have fun here, guys. take it back to the studio. >> rebecca: great deals. >> george: you can shop those deals from the points guy for ike's trip to mexico at good morning coming up, gearing up for the cricket world cup coming to america. one of the sport's greats is here. ♪

8:37 am

8:38 am

8:39 am

♪ >> michael: back now for our finale of asian american native hawaiian and pacific islander heritage month. we're celebrating the cricket world cup coming to the u.s. soil for the first time featuring the world's best players and watched by 2.5 billion fans. ashan singh is here. good morning. this is amazing. >> it is unreal. that's right, michael. 2.5 billion fans world wide making cricket the second most popular sport in the world.

8:40 am

most americans don't even know what it is, but it's here. it's on the biggest stage. it's hoping to take sports fans across the country by storm. take a look. the cricket countdown is in full swing for its 2.5 billion fans across the globe. for the first time ever, the cricket world cup is coming to america. for many south asians it's more than a ball game, it's a religion. over 1 million ticket applications vying for the biggest match of the year, india versus pakistan. one of sport's biggest rivalries taking place right here in the big apple. the tournament consisting of 20 teams world wide like australia, sri lanka, england, south africa. kicks off saturday west indies and the u.s.

8:41 am

matches in texas, florida and new york. up and coming team usa looking to score big on its home turf. bringing a whole new fan base to the cricket craze. cricket is played with two teams of 11. all you need is a ball, a flat bat and wicket. game is played like baseball but instead of nine innings, there's only one. each team taking a turn at bat. the goal outscore the other team by running between wickets to score a run. big at bat can get you four runs, and there's nothing better than hitting a 6. and, michael, while fans can be excited about team usa's debut at the world cup there's history there. the first ever international match of cricket was held

8:42 am

between the united states and canada back in 1884. >> michael: i had no idea about that. such a global sport. 2.5 billion people. lot of people. joining us is one of the game's goats. when i say goat, yuvraj singh. you help us get our heads around this game. thank you for coming to gma. welcome, welcome, welcome. [ applause ] biggest sport in the world. you helped india win in 2007. did you ever -- we got the trophy right here, which you're very familiar with. did you ever think that you would see the world cup, cricket world cup held here in the u.s.? >> nice to see you, michael. nice to be here. never imagined cricket would be played in america. playing west indies. i think it's a great setting. there's a couple new stadiums. i would like to see americans watching the sport. it's compared to baseball. every time i speak to an

8:43 am

american, they ask me, what is cricket? i tell them it's like baseball. we don't run four corners, we just run straight and back. >> michael: also the equipment. we got comparison of the equipment. sam champion come on out. what you got? >> sam: all right. you've got to tell me what all this is. right? i have got pads and gloves. they wouldn't let me carry the bat so you have to show me how to swing. they were afraid i was going to hurt someone with it. >> if i can compare the baseball swing to a cricket swing. nice and level. >> michael: don't look at me. [ laughter ] >> similar setup but obviously in baseball you swing everything. cricket you just keep your bat down because the ball bounces on the field. and you take your time and swing. >> michael: more finesse instead of just power?

8:44 am

>> yeah. but once you start getting in, you can use your power. the setup is way similar. i think the more power comes from here, core and you just swing. if you're going to hit the ball out of the park, like a home run, we call it a 6. you just swing. >> michael: sam, you think you've got it? >> sam: a baseball bat would be unusual for me. this is way out of the ordinary. how is it? is the grip okay? >> yeah. not bad. you guys are more comfortable catching the ball with a glove? i hope your hands are okay. we catch it with bare hands. >> sam: you're catching it with bare hands? >> do you know when the ball goes into the air? >> michael: here's the demonstration of the glove. >> sam: that's not gonna work, michael. [ laughter ] >> michael: sam, are you righty or lefty?

8:45 am

>> sam: i wouldn't know. what does that mean? >> michael: never mind. never mind. how exactly is cricket different from baseball? >> i think in baseball i feel there's less time. after three strikes you're out. cricket you only get one strike. you have to think probably quicker. i think in baseball you hit straight. in cricket, you can hit behind. i just feel like if i look at baseball setup, i would have to think fast. >> sam: faster action. >> michael: faster action and the games can go for a long time. i do know that. let me tell you right now. try baseball. sam, you, too, buddy. thanks for explaining to it us. we're so excited that the cricket world cup is here. the 2024 cricket world cup starts tomorrow night, usa versus canada at 8:30 p.m. eastern.

8:46 am

now to you, ginger. >> ginger: just like we were talking about, perfect golf weather for you this weekend, michael. perfect anything weather in the northeast. look at that. we started the morning around freezing but already in the 50s. will go into the 70s. 44 for pittsburgh, but warming right up. the weekend looking glorious. >> rebecca: now in celebration of aanhpi heritage month our gma buzz pick this morning is shanghaianders. here she is to tell us about it. >> shanghailanders is about a

8:47 am

wealthy highly dysfunctional mixed race family living in shanghai. it is back in 2040 at the midpoint crisis of a marriage. moves backwards in time to 2014 to uncover the secrets that make the family what it is today. >> rebecca: and shanghailanders is available now. coming up tomorrow x together. and more practical? be able to perform here and here? make a statement while barely making a sound and command the world as well as what lies ahead. how we get there matters. get exceptional offers at your local audi dealer.

8:48 am

♪ ♪

8:49 am

>> lara: welcome back. we are back with txt. they are back with a new album. they're going to perform a new track off the album in just a moment. we have fans here. so excited. thanks for coming. thank you for being on "good morning america" today. another world tour is happening. madison square garden is coming. how do you prepare for something as big as madison square garden? >> we are happy to be performing

8:50 am

at an iconic place. we worked especially hard for this tour. >> lara: i can't wait. i know you're known for your dancing. the album debuted at number three on the bill board 200 making you the second k pop artist to enter the charts ten times. [ applause ] what does that mean to you personally? >> it's a great honor. we hope to be a voice of our generation. we are really grateful that many people around the world are listening to our music. >> lara: they sure are. we're excited to listen to it live. y'all ready stphf here's tomorrow x together performing deja vu. txt, take it away. ♪

8:51 am

♪ ♪ ♪

8:52 am

♪ ♪

8:53 am

♪ [ applause ]

8:54 am

8:55 am

but only the truly worthy may claim the right to excalibur's epic pizza. >> really savor the heroic flavors of round table's new excalibur's epic pizza. >> our classic three cheese blend, abundantly topped with classic pepperoni, salami and red onions and sweet, tangy banana peppers. truly a pizza fit for a king. order online at roundtable pizza. >> com summer's here and with a

8:56 am

new toyota, you can start your summer with a splash. >> nailed it! >> get a low lease on corolla or lease a camry for 249 a month after $1,000 bonus. cash. toyota. let's go places >> that was fantastic. we want to thank you for watching. and a big thank you to trust who drugs like ozempic. >> so many people are using them or want to use them. if you're on these drugs, what should you eat to get the protein you need? how can they help with your heart health and what's the best plan after hitting your goal weight? next week gma with the science behind it all for you tonight has a case. >> we all thought was solved. >> hands my daughter holly. bobo. holly. bobo. holly. bobo blown wide open. now. the key witness. changing his story. what does he tell you? >> tells me he made the whole thing up. 20, 2010. >> maybe. you heard the clippers are cursed. donald sterling is the problem. >> oh, it's a salad. what's your

8:57 am

relationship with donald? >> i'm his silly rabbit. >> he's what is clicked streaming june 4th. >> only covid at the door means you made the smart call. >> did you know that the average home has over 9000 types of bacteria and fungus, called the procercoid, to save 35% on a deep clean of your carpets, floors, air ducts, dryer vents, countertops, tile and grout upholstery, and window treatments. we'll get your services clean as new for a beautiful, healthy home. pretty smart right? scan the q-r code or call 804 coy today to save 35. the people you trust. >> trust court car accident at jakobi meyers. >> when we get justice for you, it can make a big difference in your life. here's what that means. insurance offer $35,000. the jacobian meyers result $500,000. insurance offer $0. our result $2 million. insurance offer $100,000. our result $4.65

8:58 am

million. that's the difference experience makes jacoby and meyers, because everyone deserves justice. >> turn on the updated mix of 96.5 koat, the only bay area station playing today's hits and yesterday's favorites. while you work. i got a blank space, baby. >> hit me baby one more time. >> start your day with the 7:30 a.m. commercial free workday. kickoff bad habits lead to late nights and then alone coming up, so you better get this for all of your favorite songs from today and yesterday. 96.5 coit. >> nice to meet you. my name is david. i've been a pharmacist for 44 years. when i have customers come in and ask for something for memory, i recommend provision number one because it's safe and effective, does not require prescription. and i've been taking it quite a while myself, and i know it works. and i love it when the

8:59 am

customers come back in and tell me, david, that really works so good for me. makes my day provision at stores everywhere without a prescription. >> got a home that's eating up your time and cash? just sell your home as is with no fees, no commissions and no hassle. call john b's bay area houses for a free cash offer at 510707 6000. bay area houses sell your house the easy way. >> always live abc seven news starts right now. >> good morning everyone. i'm kumasi aaron from abc seven mornings. here's a look at traffic with amanda. >> hi kumasi, we are keeping our eyes on this major traffic alert here in los gatos. this is northbound 17 before the cats restaurant. we know eight vehicles were involved. we're hearing a metro bus reportedly lost control and then hit those vehicles during the morning commute. it happened around 715 this morning. at least one of the vehicles then caught fire. we want to get a look at the backup. you can see here from the big moody curve. things are

9:00 am

only starting to get worse as the slowdown continues. lisa. >> all right. bummer for a friday for sure. be careful out there everyone. we have beautiful weather except fog is coming into the coastline and we're going to see those winds pick up, especially here in san francisco. upper 60s. today. you'll notice the wind with some 90s inland kumasi. >> thank you lisa. now it's time for live with kelly and mark and we'll be back at 11 forfor middy live. have ahave a >> announcer: it's "live with kelly and mark!" ♪ ♪ [cheers and applause] today, from "the little shop of horrors," sarah hyland! plus, chef michael symon dishes that the summer food faves! all next on "live!"

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