11 Sizzling Mexican Restaurants In And Around Sacramento (2024)

From tacos to tequila, Sacramento is home to some of the best Mexican restaurants in California, and here are some of the absolute best!

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11 Sizzling Mexican Restaurants In And Around Sacramento (2)

Sacramento’s Mexican food scene is a total fiesta for the senses. The city boasts a wide variety of authentic Mexican eateries that cater to every craving and budget. From classic street-style tacos to seafood ceviche, these restaurants bring those iconic flavors of Mexico to the heart of California.

Whether you’re a fan of cheesy quesadillas or fiery salsas, Sacramento’s Mexican restaurants are sure to leave you wanting more. So without further ado, here are the best eateries in the city serving up those classic dishes from Mexican cuisine.

1. Zocalo Restaurant

11 Sizzling Mexican Restaurants In And Around Sacramento (3)

This beloved restaurant in Midtown is a top-notch option for anyone craving authentic and delicious Mexican cuisine in Sacramento. The restaurant’s inviting atmosphere and beautiful decorations make for a warm and comfortable dining experience. Their menu includes various options, including standout vegetarian dishes, that can be tailored to your preferences.

📍 1801 Capitol Ave, Sacramento, CA

2. El Novillero Restaurant

El Novillero Restaurant is an exceptional Mexican establishment in Sacramento. The colorful décor and excellent service has made this spot a go-to for many locals. They offer a diverse menu of delicious and authentic Mexican cuisine. Be sure to try their salsa, which has just the right amount of kick! Their generous portions make it excellent value for money and perfect for group meals.

📍 4216 Franklin Blvd, Sacramento, CA

3. Centro Cocina Mexicana

11 Sizzling Mexican Restaurants In And Around Sacramento (4)

Experience the fresh and bold flavors of Mexican cuisine at Sacramento’s Centro Cocina Mexicana. Whether you’re in the mood for light appetizers or a full-course meal, this place offers a wide range of delicious dishes that will satisfy those cravings. Don’t miss out on the exquisite Ceviche or their flavorful Green Enchiladas.

📍 2730 J St, Sacramento, CA

4. Azul

If you’re after one of the best margaritas in the city, check out Azul. This vibrant restaurant serves up some of the most delicious Mexican dishes in Sacramento too, with its authentic menu, jam-packed with flavor. You may be lucky enough to experience the live music that takes over Azul on occasion, adding ample charm to the already charming atmosphere.

📍 1050 20th St, Sacramento, CA

5. La Fiesta

Some Sacramentans say that there’s no better place for tacos in the city than La Fiesta! This family-owned spot offers efficient counter service and only the freshest ingredients. As well as the stellar tacos, the strawberry blended margarita is a fan favorite and you need to check out the salsa bar!

📍 1105 Alhambra Blvd, Sacramento, CA

6. Mayahuel

11 Sizzling Mexican Restaurants In And Around Sacramento (5)

Mayahuel is a Mexican restaurant that you wouldn’t want to miss when in Downtown Sacramento. The menu selections boast creativity and freshness, with an impressive range of tequilas and other top-shelf liquors behind the bar. The tacos and soup are definitely a standout, enjoyed among the colorful interiors and comfortable seating arrangements that are sure to impress.

📍 1200 K St, Sacramento, CA

7. Tres Hermanas

For amazing food, excellent service, and a welcoming atmosphere, make sure you visit Tres Hermanas! The dishes are always fresh, delicious, and cooked to perfection. The Chicken Tacos are highly recommended, which go down a treat with their tantalizing salsa. Tres Hermanas is a solid spot that brings the authentic flavors of Mexico to Sacramento!

📍 2416 K St, Sacramento, CA

8. Lalo’s Restaurant

Lalo’s Restaurant is a top-rated Mexican restaurant in Sacramento that offers deliciously authentic cuisine. This restaurant is known for providing an amazing customer experience and quick service. The menu contains a wide variety of options, including mouth-watering Barbacoa and delectable Molcajete.

📍 5063 24th St, Sacramento, CA

9. Vallejo’s Restaurants

11 Sizzling Mexican Restaurants In And Around Sacramento (6)

This hidden gem has been serving up authentic Mexican food for three decades. The large portions of foods are filling and flavorful, with the Beef Quesadillas being a must-try dish. The salsa verde that comes with the chips are outstanding so don’t miss out y’all. If you’re looking for a satisfying and delicious meal, then don’t miss out on Vallejo’s Restaurant in Sacramento!.

📍 1900 4th St, Sacramento, CA

10. El Bramido

El Bramido is an exceptional Mexican restaurant and bar that offers delicious food in Sacramento. We love the enchiladas and tacos here, bursting with those remarkable flavors.The top-notch customer service provided by the polite and helpful staff, making this restaurant an excellent place for anyone who desires to try something authentic with top-notch service.

📍 2394 Northgate Blvd, Sacramento, CA

11. La Esperanza

Capturing the essence of traditional Mexican cuisine, this family-owned restaurant has a loyal following of locals who rave for those authentic flavors. The menu features a variety of tasty options, including Carnitas and Carne Asada Burritos. The taco combos are also fantastic, making this a great option for Taco Tuesday!

📍 5028 Franklin Blvd, Sacramento, CA

When it comes to finding the best Mexican restaurants in Sacramento, there’s truly something for everyone. Whether you’re in the mood for margaritas and enchiladas or simply want to indulge in some fresh guacamole, these eateries are an absolute must-try. So, venture on a culinary tour of Mexico right here in Sacramento, thanks to these top-rated restaurants.

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11 Sizzling Mexican Restaurants In And Around Sacramento (2024)
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